In the field of archaeology the engagement of volunteers has a long tradition. Most of the bigger archaeological excavations would not be possible without the support of volunteers as well as without the systematic control of fields after ploughing by volunteers in order to detect findings some important archaeological sites would not have been discovered. In some European countries archaeology is even the sector with the biggest number of heritage linked volunteers at all.

Despite that importance of archaeology for heritage volunteering European Heritage Volunteers – originally coming from handicraft-based heritage restoration – has developed volunteering projects in archaeology only since several years, starting with European Heritage Volunteers Partner Projects outside Germany. In 2017, European Heritage Volunteers organised a first archaeological project in Germany, linked to technical heritage.


Find the detailed project descriptions for 2019 below.

Since the projects varie from year to year, find for better understanding of the European Heritage Volunteers Programme in addition descriptions of selected projects which took place in previous years.

Mapping & conservation of an early Christian basilica
Palmatis Fortress / Dobrich Region

Project 2019
Excavation & anastylosis of an Antique necropolis
Amantia Archaeological Park / Vlora Region

Project 2019
Excavation & archaeological collections management
Bolgar Museum Complex / Republic of Tatarstan

Project 2019
Excavation of fountains from the 18th century
El Paodor del Pontet, Altea / Alicante Region

Project 2019
Documentation of decorative stone elements from Byzantine period
Caricin Grad – Iustiniana Prima Archaeological Site / Jablanica District

Past Project
Archaeological research at a fortress with a multilayered history
Prizren Castle / Prizren District

Past Project
Archaeological excavations of a settlement from Bronze period
Loyev / Gomel Region

Past Project
Mediation of Archaelogical Heritage at an Open Air Museum
Stone Age Park Albersdorf / Schleswig-Holstein

Past Project