In 2019, the annual conference "Volunteering for European Cultural Heritage" is jointly organised by the National Heritage Board of Poland, European Heritage Volunteers, the International Cultural Centre Kraków and Fundacja Chronic Dobro will take place in Kraków / Poland. It will start on November, 27th, evening, with a networking dinner and an exhibition and end on November, 28th, 2019, afternoon.

The participation at the conference is free of charge. Deadline for application will be November, 11th, 2019. More information you find here.

Published on October, 11th, 2019.



The call for the 4th cycle of European Heritage Times has been recently published. Deadline for application is October, 20th, 2019. 

Find more information on this website under European Heritage Times as well as on

Published on September, 30th, 2019.



The date of the project "Preservation of a church from 1303 and of surrounding monuments" in Yeghegis, Vayodz Dzor Region / Armenia has been changed towards September, 1st, till September, 14th, 2019 since the project will be linked to an avent on the occasion of the 735th anniversary of the foundation of Gladzor University which will take place on September, 6th..

Gladzor University was a famous Armenian structure in 13th and 14th centuries which was important for the religious, public-political and philosophical education as well as for the development of fine arts in the whole macro-region. It was called by contemporaries “Glorious Second Athens” and “Capital of Wisdom”.

Published on May, 30th, 2019.



The List of World Heritage Volunteers Projects 2019 has been published. It includes 58 projects as 57 sites in 31 countries. The European part of the World Heritage Volunteers Initiative is coordinated by European Heritage Volunteers. 15 of the projects take place in Europe, 4 of them - the projects in Classical Weimar / Germany, Mining Cultural Landscape Erzgebirge / Germany, Bolgar Historical and Archaeological Complex / Russia and Works of Antoni Gaudí / Spain - are part of the European Heritage Volunteers Programme. 

Find the global proejct list as well as the short descriptions of the projects in Europe on our website under "World Heritage Volunteers Projects" and the detailed descriptions of the projects which are part of the Euroepan Heritage Volunteers Programme under "Projects by sites" resp. "Projects by topics".

Published on May, 4th, 2019. 



Our project European Heritage Times wants to illustrate the richness and diversity of European cultural heritage. Therefore both the professional and cultural background of the authors shall be as divers as possible. Taking that in account there are still some free places for the fourth cycle of European Heritage Times. The application procedure is explained on our website under Heritage Times / How to participate.

Published on April, 20th, 2019.



A new European Heritage Volunteers Partner Project had been agreed. It will take place in September at St. Mary's Church on Maligrad Island in Prespa Lake, Albania. Read more on our website under Projects by Sites / Buildings and Monuments resp. under European Heritage Volunteers Partner Projects.

Published on April, 19th, 2019.



The call for applications for the fourth cycle of European Heritage Times volunteers is open.

Published on April, 4th, 2019.



The detailed desriptions of the projects of the European Heritage Volunteers Programme have been published. Find the Calender of Projects as well as the Detailed Programme under "List of Projects".

Published on March, 19th, 2019.



The dates of most of the projects for 2019 have been published. Additional projects will be published in March and April.

Published on February, 28th, 2019.



The call for European Heritage Volunteers Partner Projects 2019 has been closed on February, 1st, 2019. Requests for Partner Projects which are planned to take place till August 2019 (included) cannot be accepted. In exceptional cases Partner Projects foreseen for September or October 2019 might be possible. Interested organisations and institutions shall contact us by email.

Published on February, 19th, 2019.



Organisations and institutions that are interested to apply for European Heritage Volunteers Partner Projects are kindly asked to contact European Heritage Volunteers till January, 7th, 2019. The detailed application shall be sent till January, 31st, 2019. The selection of projects will be undertaken till February, 10th, 2019.

Published on December, 2nd, 2018.



The call for projects for the World Heritage Volunteers Initiative 2019 under the title "Empowering the Commitment to World Heritage" is published. The deadline for application is January, 13th, 2019. We recommend interested organisations from Europe to consult European Heritage Volunteers before filling the online application.

Published on November, 25th, 2018.



On November, 8th, 2018, European Heritage Volunteers will host the conference "Volunteering for European Cultural Heritage". The conference will take place within the framework of "denkmal", Europe's Leading Trade Fair for Conservation, Restoration and Old Building Renovation and is part of Germany's official programme for the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018. 

Find more information here.

Published on October, 1st, 2018.



In addition to the regular programme European Heritage Volunteers will organise in collaboration with German Framework Centre a Euroepan Heritage Volunteers Training Course "Timber construction and historic surfaces".

Find more information here.

Published on September, 28th, 2018.