Since cultural landscapes are very diverse and include a lot of different aspects also projects providing knowledge about the „Maintenance of Cultural Landscapes” are thematically quite diverse.

European Heritage Volunteers organises since two decades projects dealing with one or the other aspect of cultural landscapes – partly linked to the cultural aspects of cultural landscapes as for example the documentation of historical buildings or small architecture typical for a specific landscape, partly linked to the natural environment of cultural heritage sites as historical parks or gardens, partly linked to other environmental topics of cultural landscapes as the maintenance of dry grass meadows or – in other regions – of marsh areas.

It is natural that these projects can usually picture a cultural landscape only in a limited scale. That’s why European Heritage Volunteers aimed to design projects which may illustrate the diversity of a cultural landscape and illustrate – both during the hands-on part and the educational part – different aspects of the maintenance of a heritage site.


Preservation of a traditional wooden architecture in a National Park
Kenozero National Park / Archangelsk Region

Volunteering Project 2020
Valorisation of rural heritage
Pitomača Village / Virovitica-Podravina County

Volunteering Project 2020
Preservation of a church located on an island in a cultural landscape
St. Mary's Church at the Island of Maligrad in the Lake of Prespa / Korca Region

Volunteering Project 2020
Maintenance of a cultural landscape & traditional stone techniques
Marksburg & Spay, Upper Middle Rhine Valley / Rhineland-Palatinate

Past Training Course
Ecological improvement of a maritime cultural landscape
Venice / Veneto Region

Past Volunteering Project
Maintenance of a cultural landscape & documentation of rural buildings
Val Bavona / Canton of Ticino

Past Volunteering Project
Reconstruction of a historic trail
Iturmendi / Navarra Province

Past Volunteering Project