Jewish Heritage belongs to the most endangered heritage categories in Europe. Over centuries, the Jewish population played nearly in every region of Europe an important role and created – tangible and intangible - heritage of outstanding character and high quality.

Because of the wide spread dissemination of the Jewish population throughout Europe and the comparable high mobility of at least parts of the Jewish population as well as because the Jews had not been linked to particular national states Jewish heritage has per se transnational character and represents therefore the common European heritage in an exemplary way.

On the other hand Jewish heritage is often underappreciated and not appropriately included in the public awareness since the heritage conceptions in most of the European countries are characterised by national approach.

In addition, the extreme decimation of the Jewish population in the course of the holocaust had led to luck of people that are motivated because of their own history or because of family ties to care for this heritage – so European Jewish heritage is in high percentage dramatically endangered.

Therefore Jewish heritage is an optimal field for volunteering projects, and – in return – the support of volunteers is an appropriate and highly valued tool contributing to the rescue, the documentation and the conservation of Jewish heritage.

Documentation of gravestones on Jewish cemeteries
Halberstadt / Sachsen-Anhalt

Volunteering Project 2020
Rescue and consolidation of traditional crossstones
Zorats cemetery / Vayodz Dzor Region

Past Volunteering Project