In order to ensure that participants are working under the safest possible conditions the European Heritage Voluntees Project at the World Heritage site Yuso and Suso Monasteries in San Millán de la Cogolla has been postponed from the original date in July towards the date September, 14th, till September, 26th, 2020. Except the date all other aspects of the project remain as originally planned.

Published on May, 27th, 2020.



The European Heritage Volunteers Project "Excavation of a Roman settlement and Restoration of Roman mosaics" at the Archaeological site of Dresnik / Kosovo from September, 13th, till September, 27th, has been upgraded towards a European Heritage Training Course.

Published on April, 19th, 2020.



Usually, on occasion of the International Day of Monuments and Sites on April, 18th, countless events are organised which enable the wider public to get in direct contact with heritage sites and to make priceless tangible heritage experiences. This year, the situation is a totally different one: Most people all over Europe are locked at home - a situation which is in particular for children and families a highly challenging situation. To open a more optimistic perspective towards the current situation and enable individual views on heritage, European Heritage Volunteers invites together with ICOMOS and other European stakeholders children and adults to join the CASTLE POWER action - to build their own castle and to share the pictures in the social networks.

Find more details about CASTLE POWER here.

Don't forget - children are the future heritage caretakers. And the future heritage volunteers.

Published on April, 16th, 2020.



The date of the European Heritage Volunteers Project at Ebrach Court Mainstockheim / Germany has been changed - the new date will be August, 30th, till September, 12th, 2020.

Published on April, 16th, 2020.



The publication "Good practices of volunteering for European cultural heritage" is available.

The publication provides a differentiated and multilayered insight in the field of volunteering for heritage and an overview about the wide spectrum of the European Heritage Volunteers Programme and gives testimony of the manifold personal experiences within the programme - of project coordinators, technical instructors, group coordinators and participants. In total, it collects contributions from almost fifty authors from around thirty countries from Europe and beyond.

Find more information on our website just below the European Heritage Volunteers logo.

Published on April, 9th, 2020.



Special regulations how best to handle the uncertainties caused by corona which may influence the European Heritage Volunteers Programme 2020 have been inserted in the part "How to participate".

Published on April, 3rd, 2020.



The internship positions for 2020 have been published.

Published on April 3rd, 2020.



The detailed descriptions of the European Heritage Volunteers Projects, European Heritage Volunteers Partner Projects and European Heritage Training Courses are online since today, April, 1st, 2020. A few projects - in Italy and Portugal - that will take place from October 2020 onwards will be announced later.

Published on April, 1st, 2020.



The date of the European Heritage Volunteers Project at Lohra Castle / Germany has been changed - the new date will be August, 16th, till August, 29th, 2020.

Published on March, 27th, 2020.



The date of the European Heritage Volunteers Partner Project in Bolgar / Russia has been changed - the new date will be August, 17th, till August, 30th, 2020.

Published on March, 26th, 2020. 



The calendar of most of the European Heritage Volunteers Projects and European Heritage Training Courses 2020 is online, several projects are still under discussion and will be published when confirmed.

The detailed descriptions will be published on our website till end of March.

Applications are possible from now on.

Published on March, 18th, 2020.



We are aware that the unpredictable situation due to the outbreak of COVID-19 brings a certain uncertainity for all activities planned for the next months and might also influence the European Heritage Volunteers Programme. After detailed consultations we decided nevertheless to carry out the 2020 programme as originally foreseen and only to postpone the beginning of the season.

The first project will start on June, 21st, and the majority of volunteering projects and training courses will take place after mid of July hoping that they will be thus not effected by COVID-19. Till now, 25 projects in 15 countries all over Europe are confirmed - the Calendar of Projects will be published on March, 18th, 2020 on our website, the detailed descriptions till end of March. 

Published on March, 16th, 2020.