Out of the World Heritage Young Experts Forum 2015 the Young Heritage Experts initiative was born aiming to maintain exchanges between young professionals in the field of heritage.

Driven by the believe that heritage is a vital component contributing towards social, economic, environmental and cultural sustainability, and understanding that youth plays a major role in the effective protection and promotion of the world’s cultural and natural heritage, some of the participants of the World Heritage Young Experts Forum have formed a network called Young Heritage Experts. Joining their international and multidisciplinary know-how, the young architects, conservators, biologists and cultural and natural researchers strive to encourage, foster and enhance youth involvement in the field of heritage.

An online platform accessible under youngheritageexperts.weebly.com emerged as a first step towards this goal. By means of an online journal and gallery exclusively managed by and oriented to young heritage professionals, the platform shall act as a disseminator of knowledge on (world) heritage which may encompass issues, challenges, best practices or simply inspiring experiences. Additionally, the website and corresponding newsletter provide an up-to-date overview of high-quality and non-profit youth opportunities being offered in different parts of the world.

Acknowledging the active participation of young professionals in heritage-related issues as an essential step towards the sustainable management of World Heritage Sites, the Young Heritage Experts are committed on pursuing their ambitious goal of consolidating and strengthening this network worldwide, so that more opportunities shall be given to young professionals. Motivated by the immediate positive feedback attained at their early stage of progress, the Young Heritage Experts also hope to start youth-led initiatives across the globe in the future.

European Heritage Volunteers supports the establishment and further development of the initiative, and serves as a mentor for the project.

European Heritage Volunteers