When the projects are published?

Most of the projects of all categories described in this website will be published till end of February for the upcoming year.

In case, that projects will be fixed later they will be published later. The project list will be permanent updated.


Which costs you have to cover?

At all projects accommodation, food, the educational and cultural programme and the travel costs during the project are usually covered by the hosting organisation. Depending on the hosting organisation and the type of the project health insurance, accidence insurance and / or liability insurance are covered by the hosting organisation, too.

The travel costs to and from the project place you have to cover yourself.


For European Heritage Volunteers Projects you have to pay a participation fee of 5 € per day, so for a two-week project 70 € in total.

If you apply for a European Heritage Volunteers Partner Project or for a World Heritage Volunteers Project through European Heritage Volunteers you have to pay a participation fee of 5 € per day (so 70 € for a two-week project) to European Heritage Volunteers, but no participation fee to the project itself. Depending on the agreement between European Heritage Volunteers and the particular project partner the participation fee will be or partly or completely transferred to the project or used to support other projects in the fields of heritage volunteering or heritage education in Europe.

In case of World Heritage Volunteers projects outside Europe it may be not excluded that the organisation carrying out the project will charge additional participation fee, but you will be informed about that before being placed.


Because the organisational background of the projects is quite diverse and every organisation or institution has a different approach and a different financial situation, it cannot be avoided that the financial conditions for the participation at different projects can differ as mentioned above.
Especially concerning World Heritage Volunteers projects outside Europe European Heritage Volunteers is not in the position to influence on the particular projects. Nevertheless European Heritage Volunteers will neither organise itself, neither support, neither send volunteers to commercial projects.


Where to apply?

You can apply for one or more of the published projects as soon as the projects are published.

For European Heritage Volunteers Projects and European Heritage Volunteers Partner Projects you can apply directly to European Heritage Volunteers.

For World Heritage Volunteers Projects you can apply or

  1. directly to the hosting organisation carrying out the project or
  2. through European Heritage Volunteers or
  3. through another organisation in your country cooperating with the hosting organisation

Please note, that not all organisations carrying out World Heritage Volunteers projects outside Europe accept direct applications of volunteers from abroad and request instead of that applications through other, so called “sending organisations” in the volunteers’ country of residence. Volunteers applying by a sending organisation have to pay instead of the participation fee a sending fee. The amount of the sending fee differs from sending organisation to sending organisation between 90 € and 300 €. The sending fee is not transferred to the hosting organisation, but is used to cover the own administrative costs of the sending organisation or to finance projects in the country of the sending organisation mostly not linked to heritage.


Application process

In case you apply through European Heritage Volunteers you can apply or for one or more specific projects or you can describe your profile, your interests, your motivation, your expectations and European Heritage Volunteers will try to help you to find a suitable project.

Than more detailed your application is, than better we can support you.

The application should contain in any case application form, curriculum vitae, photo, motivation letter and the time frame of your availability. The application form you can download here.

Please note, that there are more projects which are not published on this website and which may be in accordance with your wishes.



European Heritage Volunteers provides on request for every volunteer a confirmation of participation in the particular project. The certificate includes the type, the place and the duration of the project and will be stamped and signed by European Heritage Volunteers’ directory.

Depending on the particular project partner a joint confirmation of participation signed by European Heritage Volunteers and the project partner is possible.

For engagements from six weeks duration onwards European Heritage Volunteers provides on request a qualified certificate.


Other possibilities of Volunteering at Heritage Sites

If you are interested in other possibilities of volunteering at heritage sites, do not hesitate to contact us.

Most of the organisations and institutions cooperating with European Heritage Volunteers are offering beside the projects included in the project list other possibilities to engage for heritage as for example

  • being a (social-intercultural or a technical) leader or co-leader of a Heritage Volunteers project
  • mid-term volunteering (between one and three months)
  • long-term volunteering (more than three months)
  • writing bachelor or master thesis about a topic linked to a heritage site
  • internships

Than more detailed you will describe your profile and your expectations, than better we will be able to help you in order to find a suitable project for you.