Institutions, organisations and initiatives which are interested to become a Project Host shall contact European Heritage Volunteers preferably in the year prior to the foreseen project.  

This enables to visit during the season prior to the planned project a European Heritage Volunteers Project in order to get an impression about the spirit of European Heritage Volunteers Programme and to develop project ideas which are appropriate for the heritage site where the particular institution, organisation or initiative wants to host a European Heritage Volunteers Project.

The next step would be the participation at the European Heritage Volunteers Coordinators Meeting taking place usually in November and gathering representatives of different organisations, institutions and initiatives which are involved in various European countries in the European Heritage Volunteers Programme. The participation at the Coordinators Meeting is not mandatory for a potential Project Host, but it is a good occasion to get to know the European Heritage Volunteers Programme better while exchanging experiences and best practice models, understanding the programme's quality standards and enablinge interaction and cooperation.

Usually, the European Heritage Volunteers Coordinators Meeting is linked with a conference "Volunteering for Cultural Heritage" which provides a wider and more detailed inside view into the European Heritage Volunteers Programme.

The final details of the project shall be developed in close collaboration of European Heritage Volunteers and the potential Project Host - including site visits and meetings with potentially involved other local and region al partners - till mid of February of the year when the project shall take place. The project will be published till end of February of the particular year.