Drawing on its experience in the field of volunteering for heritage, European Heritage Volunteers launched in 2015 European Heritage Volunteers Partner Projects.

Partner Projects are projects in the field of heritage-related volunteering or heritage education that are initiated either by an organisation or institution based in a European country, or by European Heritage Volunteers itself. European Heritage Volunteers supports the project’s conceptual development, providing advice and models of best-practice. Partner Projects are required to fulfil certain criteria, in particular a high-quality approach to heritage-related activities and a corresponding well-developed volunteering or educational approach.

European Heritage Volunteers provides mentorship to the Partner Projects, supporting them by promoting their projects and aiding in the recruitment of international volunteers, as well as by providing financial support, networking opportunities, evaluation, feedback and follow-up activities.


A wide variety of European Heritage Volunteers Partner Projects is under preparation in fields such as archaeology, conservation and restoration as well as projects maintaining cultural landscapes or raising awareness for the ecological aspects of heritage sites. These projects will take place from 2017 on, most of them are planned for the years 2018 and 2019.