The first twenty European Heritage Times volunteers presenting all regions of Europe – from Spain in the West to Turkey in the East, from Norway in the North to Albania and Greece in the South. The professional background of the volunteers is very diverse, too – they have education in heritage linked topics as architecture, archaeology or history of arts, but also in other fields as geography or internet technologies. All of the European Heritage Times volunteers had been engaged previously for heritage – by creating a non-government organisation, by managing a blog on heritage linked issues or by participating in heritage volunteering projects.   

Find the profiles of the volunteers below.


Adriana Montblanch was born in Madrid, Spain. She studied Archaeology in Spain and Germany, and later completed the master’s degree of Heritage Management in a World Context in Leiden, the Netherlands. She hopes to continue her research with a PhD. She is specialised in archaeological heritage and the Mediterranean area. Adriana has worked in several archaeological excavations in different countries, meeting people from all around the world. Her fields of interest are sustainable development, community involvement and cultural exchange amongst others. Social Media Volunteer for Heritage since 2017.


Alma Kaurāte-Java was born in Riga, Latvia. She studied Management and Theory of Culture followed by Museum and Heritage studies in the Latvian Academy of Culture. Living between Riga and Sigulda, she enjoys things and spaces with (his)stories and is keen to discover and rediscover places around her. Her main interest is the evolvement and connection between traditions, crafts and lifestyles. Social Media Volunteer for Heritage since 2016.


Anna Karla Almeida is a researcher, enthusiast of Cultural Heritage with an emphasis in the Industrial Heritage. Born in São Luis, Brazil and currently living in Évora, Portugal, she is Architect and Urban Planner and during her graduation took part at ateliers of urban creation at Paris and Rome. Now she’s attending an intercountry experience at the Master Erasmus Mundus TPTI specializing in Industrial Heritage across France, Italy, Portugal and Spain. Anna also works as artwork restorer, light art designer, photographer. Social Media Volunteer for Heritage since 2017.


Arzu Altinay is a tourism professional, tour guide and an entrepreneur based in Istanbul and Tallinn. Walks in Istanbul is the pioneer walking tour company in the city. Walks In Europe is the natural sequel expanding into cities across Europe and Tallinn is the base.
Arzu’s ambition is to create added value for the society in the city and to create richer experiences of cities that local hosts can offer. Walks in Europe changes habits of travellers and structure of old tourism. Social Media Volunteer for Heritage since 2017.


Benedicte Helegeer was born in Bruges, Belgium. When she was 10, she received a computer game about Tutankhamun and has been fascinated by Ancient Egypt ever since. Eight years later, she began her studies in Archaeology at the University of Leuven, with a minor in Egyptology. Recently she also graduated from a master’s degree in European Studies. She authors the blog Heritage on the GO where she publishes stories about heritage based on her travels in Belgium. Social Media Volunteer for Heritage since 2016.


Carola Neydenbock was born in Germany. She studied Colour Technology/Surface Technology in Wuppertal and Heritage Management at the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg. She currently lives in Stuttgart, where she works for a magazine specialising in paint and varnishing. Carola is enthusiastic about history, architecture from different time periods and colour – and she loves just it when they all come together. Social Media Volunteer for Heritage since 2016.


Emeline Pelzer was born in France and currently resides in Germany. She studied European Cultural Policies and Management at the University of Paris 8 where, as part of her master’s degree, she worked at Versailles for the Association of European Royal Residences (ARRE). She is currently interning at the German Federal Volunteer Service at the Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation Berlin-Brandenburg in Potsdam. Social Media Volunteer for Heritage since 2016.


Inna Starkova was born in Russia. She is art historian with 3 year professional experience in the field of curating artistic and photo exhibitions, modelling and coordinating Art Educational Programs, art festivals and art events. She has 10 years of practical art volunteer experience in Russia and in Europe. She is in love with art and strongly believes that it speaks once we are ready to listen to it. Social Media Heritage Volunteer since 2017.


Jacob Dunn is from the United States, but is currently based in Poznań, Poland. His interests include heritage protection and heritage in danger as well as the rhetoric of sites and monuments. Jacob’s background is in art history and he’s currently attaining a master’s degree in international relations. His geographical focus is Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the former Yugoslavia. Social Media Volunteer for Heritage since 2017.


Jacopo Ibello was born in Latina, Italy and studied Geography and Industrial Heritage Management at the Universities of Bologna and Padua. He lives in Bologna and works as an Industrial Heritage consultant for companies, public institutions and NGOs. He is the founder and president of Save Industrial Heritage, an association committed to creating awareness of the value of industrial culture through exhibitions, conferences, guided tours and projects. Social Media Volunteer for Heritage since 2016.


Katarina Brkljačić Netopil was born in Zagreb, Croatia. She studied History and History of Art at the University of Zagreb, in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. She lives in Zagreb and works as a conservator in the Department of Heritage Protection for the Republic of Croatia’s Ministry of Culture. Her field of specialisation is the protection of mobile and intangible heritage, as well as murals and frescoes. She has conducted numerous art workshops, worked as a guide in state museums, and curated a few exhibitions. To date, she has also published some articles and catalogs. Social Media Volunteer for Heritage since 2016.


Krupali Parekh is a Software Programmer from India based in Oslo, Norway. Along with her full-time job as a programmer, her interest in heritage has motivated her to pursue a distance-learning course in Heritage Management at the University College Dublin in Ireland. She likes to use her free time to contribute towards the cause of heritage. One of her favourite hobbies is to travel and experience different places and cultures. Social Media Volunteer for Heritage since 2016.


Libe Fernandez Torróntegui is an avid sportsperson and an optimist from the Basque Country (Spain). She is a qualified architect with a post-graduate degree in Refurbishment, Restoration and Architectural Heritage from the Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña in Barcelona. In 2013, she started, an internationally awarded blog that acts as a reference publication for the spread of heritage in the Spanish language. Libe is also at the head of a creative consulting company specialized in cultural heritage. The goal of this business is for heritage to be experienced for what it is: identity, culture, enjoyment, tradition and future. Social Media Volunteer for Heritage since 2016.


Mariana Martinho was born in Lisbon, Portugal. She did her bachelor in Political Science and International Relations. After living in Barcelona, Rotterdam was her next destination to pursue a Master in Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship. This background resulted on a major interest in cultural policy and creative uses of heritage. Currently, she is developing a project with children, promoting cultural education. She is always involved in volunteering activities and her mindset is lead by heritage adventures and a green lifestyle. Social Media Volunteer for Heritage since 2017.


Marita Oikonomidou comes from Greece and is studying Architecture-Engineering at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She is interested in the preservation, management and promotion of cultural – and especially architectural – heritage, having participated in numerous trainings, seminars and volunteering projects across Greece and broader Europe pertaining to this field. She also works as the Volunteering and Social Media Coordinator for HERMeS, a non-profit Greek NGO for the documentation, preservation, management and dissemination of tangible and intangible cultural heritage with the aid of new technologies and digital applications. Social Media Volunteer for Heritage since 2016.


Mark Watson was born in Scotland and lives in Edinburgh. A historian, he works for a national agency in building conservation, and has special interests in industrial, urban and world heritage, home and abroad. IHBC, ICOMOS and TICCIH offer rich subject matter. He believes the UK cannot avoid its part in a common European home, heritage and destiny. Social Media Volunteer for Heritage since 2017.


Michèle Bless was born in Fribourg, Switzerland. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Art History, Social Sciences, Languages and Literatures in English from Berne University and a Master’s degree in Arts and Heritage Management from Maastricht University in the Netherlands. Currently she is based in Zurich, where she works as a Project Manager for Schweizer Heimatschutz, a not-for-profit organization, which is dedicated to the advancement of Switzerland’s architectural heritage. Its focus is on the preservation of important landmarks, the development of the structural environment, and the promotion of good architectural design. Social Media Volunteer for Heritage since 2017.


Mirjan Sulejmani was born in Tirana, Albania. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage at the University of Tirana and he just started the second phase of his academic education studying towards a Master in Archaeology. Mirjan has participated in several regional restoration camps around Balkan region for Cultural Heritage. Social Media Volunteer for Heritage since 2016.


Özge Toktaş was born in Izmir, Turkey. Studied History at Istanbul Bilgi University and is currently doing her MSc. on the Preservation of Cultural Heritage at Kadir Has University. She lives and works in Istanbul. Social Media Volunteer for Heritage since 2016.


Petar Petrov is born in Bulgaria and lives in the capital city Sofia. He is an architect and is doing restoration of historic buildings and adaptation of archaeological sites. He is very much captivated by spoken and written words. He loves to tell stories and to show amazing things about heritage that previously may seem dry, but eventually turn out to be very cool. He believes that cultural heritage is a powerful resource to create a better living environment that evokes sense of comfort and joy. Social Media Volunteer for Heritage since 2017.


Sorina Neacsu is a trained art historian, cultural manager and museum educator based in Bucharest, Romania. She is currently director of “Heritage for the Future” Cultural Association and PhD student. She is keen on exploring the enhancement and dissemination of cultural heritage and dreams to foster a better understanding of heritage relevance on our everyday life. Social Media Volunteer for Heritage since 2017.


Stenette van den Berg was born and raised in South Africa. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in the “Dynamics of Cultural Landscapes and Heritage Management” (DYCLAM) in Europe and hopes to continue with a PhD upon its completion. She loves to travel, volunteer and get involved in causes she believes in. She is interested in just about anything that concerns History or Cultural Heritage. She is a fan of amateur theatre, ‘fun facts’ and Victorian-era literature, and believes that anything can be achieved if you are willing to work hard enough for it. Social Media Volunteer for Heritage since 2016.